Société de l'Information Psychiatrique

French Psychiatric Information Society: The French society of public Hospital Psychiatrists (SIP – Société d’Information psychiatrique)

We are happy to announce the result of our 2015 elections:
President-Gisèle Apter, Secretary General-Jean Oureib, and Treasurer-Pierre-François Godet.

The society with its over 1000 members is happy to highlight its upcoming annual conference at the fall of 2015. Speakers will include WPA President-Elect H Herrman, Pr Yeomans from NYC and Pr Guelfi editor of the French version of past DSM and a Personality Disorder specialist.
The conference will be an opportunity for psychiatrists ranging from resident to senior
emeritus Professor to network and mentor.

Exchange on topics ranging from phenotype and clinical therapeutic management to
translational psychiatry, from care planning to public health policies on the theme of Borderline Personality and other disorders will have the sea side magnificent city of St. Malo as its host, September 30- October 3, 2015.

Gisèle Apter

President, French Psychiatric Information Society